How can you support us?

Help from the community is always welcome! The realization and maintenance of SiriDB would not have been possible without the help of our contributors.


Give feedback

Tell us what and where we can improve or share your happy moments with us!


Join the community

Become a member of the community of developers supporting SiriDB. You can:

  • Add new features by submitting a pull request.
  • Fix bugs or improve our documentation.
  • Help others by reviewing and commenting on existing PRs and issues.
  • Write a great blog post or tutorial on using SiriDB. We share them on our website!
  • Answer questions on StackOverflow.


Support us financially

If you use SiriDB in a commercial project and would like to support its continued development by becoming a Sponsor, or in a side or hobby project and would like to become a Backer, you can do so through GitHub sponsors. All funds donated are managed transparently, and Sponsors receive recognition in the README and on the SiriDB home page.


Contact Us

Do you have feedback for us, questions about how to contribute or do you want to support us financially? Contact us!
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