Privacy Policy

Last updated: March 2022

SiriDB uses personal data from customers, employees and partners. Personal data is mainly collected during the execution of management, project and security services.

Customers must be able to rely on SiriDB to handle personal data with care and security. SiriDB is aware that with the arrival of new technological developments and innovative facilities, the privacy of customers must also be guaranteed, for example through measures in the field of information security, data minimization, transparency and user control.

The board and management play a crucial role in guaranteeing privacy.

SiriDB gives a clear direction to privacy through this policy and shows that it guarantees, protects and enforces privacy. This policy applies to the entire organization, all processes, components, objects and data collections of SiriDB. This privacy policy of SiriDB is in line with the general policy of national and European laws and regulations.

SiriDB is responsible for drafting, implementing and enforcing the policy. Among other things, the following legal frameworks apply:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).
  • Implementing Act General Data Protection Regulation.

Starting points

SiriDB handles personal data securely and respects the privacy of those involved. SiriDB adheres to the following principles:

Lawfulness, decentness, transparency
Personal data is processed in accordance with the law and in a proper and careful manner.

Basis and goal retention
SiriDB ensures that personal data is only collected and processed for specific, explicitly described and justified purposes. Personal data is only processed with a fair basis.

Data minimization
SiriDB only processes the personal data that is at least necessary for the predetermined purpose. SiriDB strives for minimal data processing. Where possible, less or no personal data is processed.

Retention period
Personal data is not stored any longer than necessary. The retention of personal data may be necessary to properly perform the duties of SiriDB or to be able to comply with legal obligations.

Integrity and confidentiality
SiriDB handles personal data with care and treats it confidentially. For example, personal data is only processed by persons with an obligation of confidentiality and for the purpose for which this data was collected. SiriDB also ensures appropriate protection of personal data. This security is laid down in the SiriDB information security policy.

Share with third parties
In the case of cooperation with external parties, where data processing of personal data is involved, SiriDB makes agreements about the requirements that data exchange must meet. These agreements comply with the law. SiriDB checks these agreements annually.

In order to achieve the purpose for which the personal data are processed, infringement of the privacy of the citizen concerned is limited as much as possible.

The infringement of the data subject’s interests may not be disproportionate in relation to the purpose to be served.

Rights of data subjects
SiriDB honors all rights of those involved.

This privacy policy comes into effect after adoption by the board of SiriDB. The policy is evaluated every 3 years and revised if necessary.