Our Interactive SiriDB training is a hands-on learning experience for developers, database admins, and IT professionals who work with time-series data.
It helps you to develop the skills necessary to work with SiriDB. The training is designed to be interactive, allowing participants to ask questions, work on problem-solving scenarios, and engage in discussions with their peers.



The training is divided into several modules, each covering a specific aspect of SiriDB. These modules include:

Introduction to SiriDB
In this module, participants are introduced to the basics of SiriDB, its architecture, and its data structure. They also learn how to install and configure SiriDB.

SiriQL Language
This module covers SiriQL, the query language used in SiriDB. Participants learn how to write queries, filter data, and aggregate data.

This module covers the APIs used in SiriDB. Participants learn how to use the APIs to insert, retrieve, and modify data.

SiriDB Monitoring and Maintenance
This module covers monitoring and maintenance of SiriDB. Participants learn how to monitor the performance of SiriDB, troubleshoot issues, and perform routine maintenance tasks.

SiriDB Advanced Features
This module covers advanced features of SiriDB. Participants learn how to use SiriDB’s clustering capabilities, high availability, and data retention policies.


Your trainer

The training is conducted by Jeroen van der Heijden who has as lead-developer extensive knowledge and experience working with SiriDB. He provides participants with hands-on experience, allowing them to learn by doing.

In conclusion, Interactive SiriDB training is an essential investment for individuals and organizations that deal with vast amounts of time-series data. The training provides participants with the skills necessary to work with SiriDB effectively. It is an interactive, hands-on learning experience that allows individuals to develop the knowledge and confidence necessary to work with SiriDB.

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